Where is Maine High Adventure?

Although your trek will take you deep into the remote and rugged North Maine Woods, exploring such areas as the aptly named Lobster Lake and the world famous Allagash Wilderness Waterway, your trip will begin at our headquarters of operation - Matagamon Base,

Deeply entrenched in the history of Maine, Matagamon Base was for  nearly four decades a logging depot during the lumber boom that turned Maine into a worldwide leader in timber products. Many of the original nineteenth century era buildings still stand and are still utilized within our program. Accessible only by boat during the summer season, Matagamon Base is a sight to behold...It is truly a step back into history, far from today's modern world.

Additionally, Maine High Adventure prides itself on offering backcountry canoe trips while still being proximal to some of the major metropolitan areas on the east-coast. For example, we are only a day's drive from cities such as Boston (6 hours), New York (9.5 hours), Philadelphia (11 hours), and Washington D.C. (13.5 hours). Major airports are also very accessible.

Trip Planning & Process

Whether your interest is canoeing or photography, hiking or wildlife, HIGH ADVENTURE in the North Maine Woods is exciting and inspirational. The key to this program's success is flexibility...flexibility in what you do, as well as when and where you do it. Each crew's itinerary is tailor-made to suit the desires and capabilities of the group while also considering other factors such as length of stay, current environmental conditions, and current logistical situations. For these reasons, we refrain from planning the entire trip in advance.

Early on Day - 1, your first day at Matagamon Base, all groups meet with the Chief Guide. Inside the Map Room, all groups will find out about current program possibilities and possible areas of travel. Upon consideration of all options, the Chief Guide will offer a number of opportunities to the group. If these don't fit your wishes, ask for more options! Check out more information on the 'Trek Options' page.

When should we visit MHA & for how long?

Anytime from mid-June to mid-August is a great time to visit Maine High Adventure.  Things to consider in selecting dates include:
- Does your crew want a whitewater trek? If so, mid-June to early-July offer the best and most consistent water levels and great whitewater paddling. If you come in mid-August, that does not mean there won't be whitewater options available, but the water flow may not be as optimal due to climatic conditions.
- Does your crew want the best weather? Weather conditions are more varied in mid-late June and mid-August than in July and early August. Early season trips at MAINE HIGH ADVENTURE often include rain and colder temperatures, while most of July can be got and humid.

The optimum amount of time for a trip to Maine High Adventure is 8 to 10 days. This provides all groups the ability to participate in the highest variety of adventurous activities. The minimum required length of stay is 6 days and there is no maximum.  If you want to see what it's all about check out the video in the Media section of our site or click below.  For all kinds of information on the state of Maine click here.

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Matagamon Base - Main Lodge
Matagamon Base - Commissary & Trading Post