Opportunities abound for exciting, unique and extended backcountry travel. Every day will involve challenges and rewards. Each bend in the river or change in horizon will bring new possibilities for excitement and relaxation. Take each day as it comes, make your own itinerary that fits EVERYONE'S desires and wishes.

Canoeing is, by far, the most popular option for participants of Maine High Adventure. Paddling is available on waters ranging from some of the largest lakes in Maine to challenging whitewater streams and rivers and everything in between. A crew can plan a laid-back relaxing itinerary, a strenuous, demanding trip or a combination of each. Over the past three summer seasons, most crews have paddled an average of 75 to 85 miles while on the water based portion of their trek.

Many groups also include day-hikes or side-trips in their planning. Climbing one of Maine's majestic high peaks, such as Mt. Katahdin,  North Traveler, or Doubletop provide vantage points seen by very few casual visitors. Additionally, there are limitless opportunities to visit historical landmarks or unique natural areas, many of which are enriched with the varied culture of Maine.

Backpacking is another option for participants an Maine High Adventure. The famous Appalachian Trail winds its way over rugged terrain towards its northern terminus atop Mt. Katahdin. Many hikers refer to Maine as the "hardest section of the Appalachian Trail" due to the nature of the rocky footing. Maine High Adventure is in very close proximity to the "100 Mile Wilderness", the final 100 miles of this long-distance footpath and ambitions crews may wish to take on the challenge of hiking all 100 miles, while some may wish to backpack the final 25, culminating in a hike of Mt. Katahdin. Options abound, the opportunities are limitless!

The wilds of northern Maine offer a variety of fascinating environments - enormous lakes carved by glaciers, whitewater churning down rocky rivers, craggy peaks soaring skyward, endless conifer and hardwood forests, abundant wildlife, and a profusion of colorful wildflowers. Maine has an intriguing history, featuring the Abanaki Indians, known as the "Dawn People", as well as Leif Erickson, Henry David Thoreau, and the mighty lumberjacks and sportsmen whose tales and lore have woven a colorful tapestry.

While it is impossible to sum up all of the areas that Maine High Adventure and its participants utilize, click the links below for summaries of some of the more popular selections by previous MHA crews.