Backcountry Travel:
Learn and practice skills to live and travel comfortably in the woods for extended trips.

Low Impact Techniques:
Your guide will show you how to reduce your impact on the environment.

Observing Wildlife:
Spot moose, eagles, osprey, otter, black bear, and a host of other species in their natural environment.

Enjoy a dip in sky blue lakes and pools.

Every Maine High Adventure guide is prepared to share knowledge of the flora, fauna, and geology with the crew.

Backcountry Navigation:
Use map and compass to travel through the wild north Maine woods.

Float feet first down rushing whitewater while wearing protective gear.

White Water instruction:
Learn the techniques necessary to safely and successfully paddle challenging water.

For the patient and determined angler, species such as trout, salmon, perch, bass, and chub lurk in the waters of northern Maine.

Conservation Projects:
Satisfy part of the Fifty Miler award requirements.

Opportunities abound for activity shots, as well as capturing Maine's scenic wonders.

Cooking and Baking:
Cooking over fire is fast becoming a lost art. Stove use is also taught.

Star Gazing:
Nature has provided Maine High Adventure with a wonderful classroom for studying the night sky.

Floatplane Travel:
For an additional charge, crews can use a plane to transport themselves and their equipment to or from their put-in or pull-out. Another option is a sight-seeing circle flight. Subject to availability.