The illustrious Allagash Wilderness Waterway is world-famous for a reason...Its remote nature and tremendous variety of lakes and river paddling. One of the few rivers in the world that flows north, the Allagash as it is commonly called, gives its paddlers the true 'Maine experience'. Steeped in history for its use by lumberjacks and Native Americans, paddling the Allagash from end to end is an experience that is on the 'life-list' for many adventurers. Maine High Adventure has been versed in its history, ecology and other intricacies that will help our participants enjoy the experience.

Highlights of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway include

- Allagash Lake:  This remote, backcountry lake is one of the most pristine and inaccessible in the entire state of Maine. Very few options exist for reaching this body of water and motors are prohibited to maintain its allure. Allagash lake offers exciting program possibilities such as a climb into the 'Ice Caves', as well as some of the best coldwater trout and salmon fishing to be found anywhere.

- The Tramway & Locomotives: One of the best kept examples of Maine's logging past, the Tramway and Locomotives exist at a site on Eagle Lake accessible only by canoe. Here, sit two behemoth steam engines, used to haul logs on the short-lived 'Eagle Lake-Umbazooksus Railway' that operated in the mid - 1800s. Abandoned hundreds of miles from the nearest semblance of civilization, a trip to these trains is one of the highlights of any trip on the Allagash.

- Churchill Dam: After enjoying the expansive scenery of the massive Eagle and Chamberlain Lakes, your trip on the river begins at Churchill Dam. Here, sits a back-woods outpost, one of the most important logging depots during the 1800s. Today, there is a logging museum and other sights that will take you back into history.
Beneath Churchill dam, lies 9 miles of the churning and flowing whitewater of

- Chase Rapids: For many, this is their first taste of whitewater canoeing, and your guide will help you negotiate this tricky section of current. Taking your time and enjoying the experience will help everyone get through this renowned beginning of the Allagash River. Beneath Chase Rapids, the current calms and brings the river-runner into a series of smaller ponds and lakes, very conducive to swimming, fishing, and wildlife observation.

- Allagash falls: Nearly 30 miles downstream of Chase Rapids, Allagash Falls is, for many the most spectacular sight to behold on the Allagash. Dropping nearly 40 feet, the majestic waterfall is experienced on one of the last nights of a 'complete' Allagash trip and is a great way to end a visit to the north Maine wilderness. You will feel remote and far-away, as you stand on the shore taking in the great view. Here, there are opportunities to rumpbump in the current beneath the falls, do some fishing or swimming, and to reflect on a one of a kind trip. Always a favorite stop, Allagash Falls has been beckoning to, and thrilling explorers for centuries.